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From my side, I wanted to share that it was a great privilege to be in the session with you all. I wish to express my gratitude again to all of you and especially Jeff for his masterful healing work. It is sometimes so difficult to communicate to other people the profound nature of life alignment that more often now I am tending not to try at all. I guess people will find it as they are attracted. With love!

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for your
Mind & Spirit

By identifying the root cause of imbalance in your body, Life Alignment will help you release dis-ease and restore well being.

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for your
Home &

A revolutionary technology of highly energised magnets helps to protect and heal people and the environment. 

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for your

The Organisation is supported to align with its mission statement so that energy and communication can flow freely.

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Life Alignment
by Philippa Lubbock
Watkins Publishing

HEAL your life and discover your soul's true purpose.


Jeff Levin Events

United Kingdom

14 - 18 Oct 2015
Body Alignment (Module 4)
3 - 3 Nov 2015
Free Evening Lecture & Demonstration
6 - 8 Nov 2015
Master Class for Teacher's & Advanced Practitioners
14 - 15 Nov 2015
Practitioner Master Class
21 - 22 Nov 2015
Activate Your Inner Wisdom
28 - 30 Nov 2015
Tree of Life - Qualities of Being

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Life Alignment
Conference March

Be sure to join Energy Healing Practitioners from around the Globe for this exciting and informative Conference in Cape Town.

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Jeff Levin Album

Practitioners Group shots of courses Jeff teaches around the world

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Welcome to Life Alignment USA. Not only is US home to our first university curriculum--taught by David Pasikov at Holos University!!--but it is also a quickly growing market of skilled practitioners and development platforms. 

Life Alignment was developed by Dr Jeff Levin as a system of natural healing designed to move you forward amidst a changing global landscape, and to enable you to greatly improve the world around you. Using applied kinesiology and pendulum dowsing to identify the root causes of pain, illness and ‘stuckness’, Life Alignment  empowers you to bring about a conscious reality of balance  between yourself, others and the world that you inhabit.

Dr. Levin's revolutionary Vortex Technology is used for personal and environmental healing, and protection from harmful  electromagnetic (cell phones, computers etc) and geopathic radiations. Visit our section on Geopathic Stress and EM radiations, and take a look at our Products page.

Life Alignment offers Training in a fulfilling and stimulating Health Practitioners career as well as for the lay person who would like to help their immediate family maintain energetic health and balance. 

Explore our site to find out more about this amazing vibrational healing and energy medicine system. It includes Body Alignment Technique, Body Spin, Vortex Alignment, Life Purpose Alignment coaching , Home Alignment and Organizational Alignment.

Life Alignment offers a fulfilling and stimulating holistic, health practitioner career for the serious student, and training for the lay person who would like to help their immediate family maintain energetic health and balance. See our Curriculum and Courses.



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