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Our body has an innate intelligence that constantly strives towards harmony and wellbeing. When we become ill, it is our body that is shouting for us to take notice and pay attention. It is telling us that all is not well, and changes need to be made.

How often do we hear of someone having a crisis? In fact, the word crisis originates from the Greek, meaning decision, so when we are having a ‘crisis’ it is actually time for taking a decision and making a choice. Unfortunately, we often cannot or do not want to hear what our body is trying to tell us, and so we ignore the signs. When the mind is continuously disturbed or conditioned to think in a negative way, a state of anxiety and worry is created that restricts the free flow of vital energy throughout the body. This causes an imbalance which we call dis-ease and until balance is restored, the body will manifest unhealthy physical symptoms.

We tend to forget that we are multi-dimensional beings living in a multi-dimensional universe and overlaying and interacting with our physical body are the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies that make up our auric field. The physical systems interface with the subtle energy systems, the meridians, the chakras and the crystalline energy systems, which link us with all creation. When we get out of alignment with ourselves and our true life’s purpose, an imbalance is initiated in the auric field, which then manifests on a physical, mental and emotional level as pain, anxiety, unhappiness and disease.
It is now generally accepted and has been scientifically proven that the mind can influence our state of being and also has the ability similar to a highly developed computer, to store memories of past trauma. Negative suppressed emotional experiences become subconsciously locked into our body at a cellular level and become part of our biological systems that weaken the energy field. Unfortunately most of us do not seek healing until the physical body screams out to us through pain. When actually there are so many wonderful complementary healing modalities available to us that can work on the spiritual, emotional and mental parts of ourselves to help prevent dis-ease filtering down to the physical/cellular level.
Body Alignment Technique is one such modality that works on all parts of the being to facilitate healing, transformation, growth and consciousness. It is a holistic technique, which brings all the subtle energy fields of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies back into alignment. The process is called ‘balance’. It has proven to be highly effective in treating the source of disturbances in the thinking and feeling world, which are often immune to conventional drug treatment. Balancing the right and left brain hemispheres, which relate to the emotional and intellectual processes respectively, it also strengthens the immune system so that the body can heal itself.
How the Balancing is done.
In order to correct the energy imbalances, Body Alignment practitioners use their hands as a means of transmitting energy, as opposed to using them mechanically, as in adjustment or manipulation. The practitioner simply functions as a channel for the healing current that is available to everyone.
Body Alignment Technique is not intended to diagnose or treat diseases and the practitioners do not profess to do the healing. They simply facilitate the removal of blockages that obstruct the self-healing mechanism and assist in raising the vibrational frequency so that the body’s innate intelligence can do the healing itself.
This unique technique uses vibrational energy, applied kinesiology and dowsing to clear subconscious memory pathways and facilitate healing. Through Body Alignment Technique, the knowledge of past memories is accessed, pinpointing emotional experiences in a very quick and direct way, to get to the heart of the matter. Experiences are brought back into the body at a deep cellular level, and from that place of deepest feelings, released. The experience is taken out of the head, and back into the body and felt exactly as it was at the time it occurred. This helps shift the energy, from an intellectual experience into a body experience that enables the memory to be released from this level. To bring about healing, layer upon layer of blockages are released during the alignment process. Balancing often brings to consciousness that which we do not want to, or are unable to see, giving us the courage to move forward and make long overdue changes.

Working with natural laws at a high voltage, the technique transforms harmful thoughts and feelings and brings the client back into their power. It empowers them to heal, which allows change to take place and helps people to shift to higher dimensions of awareness. Healing energy is available to everyone and does not require any special gift, just the desire to live life to the fullest in good health, harmony and wellbeing.
Some Conditions balanced by Body Alignment
• Structural conditions and pain
• Neurological conditions
• Hormonal imbalances, infections, chronic fatigue, multiple allergies & suppressed immunity
• Emotional patterns like depression, grief, anger and many more.
• Brain dyslexia’s, learning difficulties, ADD and ADHD

My Experience
Reni started the healing process by muscle testing my body to determine what needed to be worked with at the present time. In my case the physical priority was the skeletal system and then from a chart of 2,000 emotions she established, with the help of a pendulum, the relevant emotion and time period that I needed to work with so that the memory could be connected with the appropriate physical point on the body. In her words “Let’s put the issue into the tissue to create wholeness.”
At the end of the treatment she would balance body points using energy techniques and detox and align the meridians through bodywork. It was fascinating being involved in the process of accessing my own bio-computer and throughout Reni facilitated the release of emotions which would balance my being to raise physical vitality and enable me to heal myself.

We went back in time to fourteen years previous and as she helped me relive the experience it was amazing to witness how I could still feel as I felt then. I was given the power to resolve issues in the past that would lead to greater understanding in the present and future. It was like I had been given the main role in a “BACK TO THE FUTURE” movie and knew that through the body alignment process and the guided visualization. I would have the power to go back to my past in order to change my future. I had been given a futuristic tool that I could take back with me to balance the electrical charge which would give me the freedom to move forward. I’d been given access to my very own time machine! After all everything we are, is the result of memory. It’s the collective database of information that determines function and form. As Jeff Levin, the founder of Body Alignment Technique puts it: “The past is what we make of it and is therefore subjective. Thus it is possible to change the past by changing our perception of it”.

When the particular blockage I had was released, I experienced a wonderful “lightening of spirit”. When Reni did the muscle testing at the end of the session I no longer carried the emotional charge of the experience. I left with clearer vision, increased energy and felt empowered with a more positive attitude to life.
Body alignment Technique is definitely a meeting of science and mysticism as it works on both the physical human anatomy system and the subtle anatomy of our energetic being. I can’t wait to go back for my next time travel healing trip.
About the Founder

Dr Jeff Levin is an architect, naturopath, author, healer and pioneer in the world of energy medicine. Back in the 70’s in South Africa, as a result of ill health, he began to explore different avenues of self-healing and witnessed deep transformations through working on the energy fields. His journey of discovery brought him into contact with many modalities, including homeopathy, kinesiology, radionics, iridology, body electronics, touch for health, and nutrition.

Through his profound healing abilities he began to see that disease was actually initiated in subtle energy fields that slowly cascade down to the physical, and that, as the energy field is cleared, the effect on the physical is immediate and profound. He teaches his revolutionary Bodywork technique to both health practitioners and the general public in Canada, America, Italy, England and South Africa. Teachers in other countries can be contacted through www.bodyalignment.org

A Sports Injury Case study:

Ann had a painful knee. It didn’t allow her to do any sports, and also affected her youthful life-style. Walking was a pain, and doing anything at all reminded her that something was not right. Ann had the pain since she was 18, and for the last few years had just learned to live with the constant pain. During the Body Alignment session, the year 2001 came up, the time of a sporting accident. She mentally had to go back to the time when the sporting event was underway and had to feel each stage: The excitement, the pride of her mother watching her as she performed athletic jumps, and then the disappointment and feeling of failure when she fell, and injured her knee. With guidance” the incident was re-enacted, making it a successful event. She again felt the pride and excitement, and then performed a perfect jump. Everybody, including her mom, cheered and congratulated her. She felt the elation and feeling of achievement. About a week later when asked about her knee, her immediate response was “What’s wrong with my knee?” She felt no pain whatsoever anymore, and months later she is still fine and fit.

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