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It is now generally accepted that the mind can influence the mechanical body functions and the chemical balance, which ensures good health. When the mind is disturbed or conditioned to think in a negative way it can cause an imbalance in the body which we call dis-ease (old spelling derived from French, desaise). Worry, anxiety and resentment can also restrict the free flow of vital energy throughout the body, which will then show up as physical symptoms unless the balance is restored effectively. Again, BAT has proven to be highly effective in treating the source of these disturbances in the psyche, which are immune to conventional drug treatment.
It helps to balance the right and left brain hemispheres which relate to the emotional and intellectual processes respectively, and strengthens the immune system so that the body can heal itself. We have seen that it helps build self-confidence, increases your energy and generally creates a more positive attitude to life.

Case studies:

Sports injury
Ann came to see me because of a painful knee. It didn’t allow her to do any sports, and also affected her youthful life-style. Walking was a pain, and doing anything at all always reminded her that something was not right. Ann had the pain since she was 18, and for the last few years just learned to live with the constant pain. When I did the treatment on her, the year 2001 came up, the time of a sporting accident. She mentally had to go back to the time when the sporting event was underway and had to feel each stage: The excitement, the pride of her mother watching her as she performed athletic jumps, and then the disappointment and feeling of failure when she fell, and injured her knee.

We were guided to “re-play” the incident, making it a successful event. She again felt the pride and excitement, and then performed a perfect jump. Everybody, including her mom, cheered and congratulated her. She felt the elation and feeling of achievement. As simple as that. Memory is what we make of it…..
When I made a follow-up call about a week later to see how she was and inquired about her knee, she said: what knee? She had felt no pain whatsoever anymore, and even months later was well. A once-off treatment just did the job.

Peter has had these anxiety attacks for many years. He is only 11 years old, and his parents are worried. They have tried everything, and seen many therapists, as well as used medication. Things seemed to improve for a while, then went right back.

When the attack hits, he feels terrified, his body is “on electricity” and he panics. In the first treatment I balanced his energies for “conscious fear” without him having to do anything. After that, we worked on feeling the anxiety in the body. He went rigid, and felt his body to go numb. The event that came up was 5 years back, when there was a terrifying incident with his mother. All we could do in this first session was to feel the numbness in the body subside and some feeling returning. I could, however, not work deeper at this stage. We called on a strong angel to stand by his side when he would feel an attack coming on.

His parents told me that he was fine for about 2 weeks after the session, after which he again had a mild attack.
After his second treatment the mother reported that he went on a sleep over with a friend, something he hasn’t done ever in his life before for fear of an attack. Thereafter there were no more severe attacks, but restlessness at night, and he needed reassurance from his parents. The third treatment dealt with “conscious fear”, a module one treatment. He expressed his fear of death, and I needed to work with him regarding what happens when we die. It was a very deep session, and cleared a lot of fears.

Can’t cope anymore
Susanne was under a lot of pressure. A husband and 4 children is a lot to deal with, and also her mother was in the process of dying. She just felt she couldn’t cope anymore and felt fatigued and depressed.

We went right back to her childhood and when exploring her feelings at a particular incident, she felt that actually she had no right to be on this planet. She felt utterly worthless. We went right to the core of her being.

What did we have to do? She had to see that little girl that was herself, and make her feel loved. She hugged her and let her sit on her lap (all in her imagination), played with her and told her that she loved her very much, and that she would always be with her. She also told little Alexandra that she was beautiful and precious, and that she was proud of her. Little Alexandra responded well and felt better after that. Big Alexandra made a promise to her to keep in regular contact and not abandon her again. When she came out of the session she felt much stronger and felt more connected and loved for who she is. She said good-by to the need to be everything to everybody.

Alexandra came back to me a couple of times, to deal with different issues.

Simon was not sure whether to stay with his wife, with whom he had a very shaky relationship over the last few years, or whether to break up. He still loved her, but just didn’t know anymore what to do.

In the session we explored his deepest feelings. He listened to his body and what it had to say as well. He felt that there was still hope, and he received some advice from his “inner self” on how to go about the situation. The gentle flow of energy assisted Simon to release old issues and patterns, and to move forward with a new openness. The session gave him a new outlook and perspective, as well as clarity.

Judith had a difficult time sleeping. Her mind was racing, and she lay awake all night, to get up in the morning in an exhausted state, day after day.

She first needed solid grounding and aligning of her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. That done, we worked with archetypes. It was indicated that she should release the role of “warrior” in her present situation and take on a more gentle and relaxing role as was more becoming for her. Life changes, but often we struggle to adjust with our mind and behaviour. She felt that she could eventually “let go” and surrender control, trust and have the courage to live life one day at the time, without worrying constantly. Judith’s condition improved greatly, and after a second session she was mostly able to sleep through again, with much improved energy levels.

Shoulder pain
The pain in Sunil’s right shoulder was becoming unbearable. He has tried various conventional therapies, but hasn’t found lasting relief. The pain was deep inside the shoulder, and because Sunil is a sports instructor, he cannot really give it a rest either.

I did one treatment on him, and we worked with some emotions relating back to army experiences. After the treatment, I asked him to email me in a couple of days to let me know how it was going. This is what he wrote: My arm is right. It was a matter of hours for the constant pain to disappear. At times it still felt as if there was a pulling sensation. I have been to the gym twice since last week, and was amazed that I could train so well. I am really glad and thankful and a bit overwhelmed. Thank you.

Chronic Bladder infection
Mandy has had chronic and acute bladder infections non-stop for the last 14 years, since her child was born. She has tried antibiotics, homoepathy, ayurveda etc. which all helped for a while. She has chosen to see me for treatments 3x a week for a couple of weeks. This is a very intensive way of dealing with the issues, and we progressed well, starting right from childhood. We worked through one issue after the other, and soon a clear pattern emerged. Mandy has always put other people before her own needs, keeping herself busy, surviving. She is not listening to her body and does not take time out for herself as much as she would need to. Everytime she has stress and comes real short, the body “alarms” her by producing a bladder infection. This should slow her down, allowing her to “pay attention” to herself. If she doesn’t, the body makes sure to keep the symptoms up, hence they become chronic. After many treatments, these facts emerged and she gained some insight. However, more sessions will be necessary to help her to make changes in the future. Alternatively, Mandy could also have seen a psychologist over a long period of time, and would have had very good results as well. Very deep issues that have resulted in chronic conditions might require longer to be resolved. Mandy is very dedicated and committed to heal, and it is only a matter of time until she will finally be pain-free and feeling a new person.