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Life Alignment is a powerful healing modality that accesses the cellular memory of the body to tap into the body’s own innate intelligence as to where the blockages in the body are and what causes them.

The body is made up of cells and all the various cells of the different organs and glands in our body vibrate at specific optimal frequencies that can be measured. Think of the analogy of water. Water has 3 distinct phases of different vibratory frequencies, and we are just like that as well. When water vibrates at its highest frequency, the cells are moving quickly and far apart, we call it steam. It is very powerful and moves and is expansive and free. This is how we are when we are at our optimal in health and happiness.

If we slow down the frequency of steam, by lowering the temperature, the modules move closer together and we have water in its liquid form. It can still be powerful, but it is not as free as the steam is. All the molecules have to move closer together. The same thing begins to happen within our bodies when we start to suppress our emotions. The emotions exist, and they have energy. That energy has to go somewhere, and if we are not expressing it outwards, it goes inwards, into a related organ or gland, or area of our physical body Anger often goes into the liver (I am feeling livid!) Our language often gives us clues to the area that is being affected. ”I have a broken heart” “I can’t stand the sight of him”. This is also referred to as cellular memory, as the cell contains the memory of the event or the emotions. The only way that this area can accommodate this extra energy is for the cells to slow down in vibration.

Then we get the final phase – the solid. In water this would be ice. Here the molecules have moved so close together and the frequency has slowed down so much that crystals form and we have a solid. The same thing happens in our body if we keep on suppressing an emotion or an event. It becomes embedded in our cells, and they have to slow down so much to accommodate this invasion of emotions that they begin to form little crystals. If you have ever had a Reflexology treatment and felt those crunchy areas – you might have been told that those ‘crunchies’ are crystallized emotions. They are quite toxic, and often after treatments where they are broken down you might have felt quite emotional, as the emotions that were held within those crystals came to the surface. This slower frequency affects the immune system of the cells.
Written By Arleen Hanks (Life Alignment Australia)