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Welcome to Life Alignment Denmark

We are a very new addition to the Life Alignment organization, and as such we are still developing our practitioners and teachers. Keep watch as we grow quicker than you think, with events lined up for the near future.

Life Alignment was developed by Dr Jeff Levin as a system of natural healing designed to move you forward amidst a changing global landscape, and to enable you to greatly improve the world around you. Using applied kinesiology and pendulum dowsing to identify the root causes of pain, illness and ‘stuckness’, Life Alignment empowers you to bring about a conscious reality of balance between yourself, others and the world that you inhabit.

Dr. Levin’s revolutionary Vortex Technology is used for personal and environmental healing, and protection from harmful electromagnetic (cell phones, computers etc) and geopathic radiations. Visit our section on Geopathic Stress and EM radiations, and take a look at our Products page.

Life Alignment offers Training in a fulfilling and stimulating Holistic Health Practitioner career as well as for the lay person who would like to help their immediate family maintain energetic health and balance.

Explore our site to find out more about this amazing vibrational healing and energy medicine system. It includes Body Alignment Technique, Body Spin, Vortex Alignment, Life Purpose Alignment coaching , Home Alignment and Organizational Alignment.

Life Alignment offers a fulfilling and stimulating holistic, health practitioner career for the serious student, and training for the lay person who would like to help their immediate family maintain energetic health and balance.



Claudette Marquis

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For your Body, Mind and Spirit

By identifying the root cause of imbalance in your body, Life Alignment will help you release disease and restore well being.

For your Home and Environment

A revolutionary technology of highly energised magnets helps to protect and heal people and the environment.

For your Business and Organisation

The Organisation is supported to align with its mission statement so that energy and communication can flow freely.

The Little Dove by Sue Hompf

"One afternoon I was walking into my garden and discovered a little baby dove who has fallen out of the nest onto the pavement. I sat with him for a while and talked to him. I did not want to touch him in the hope the mother would come and feed him, and so he would...

Introduction to Life Alignment – a tool for Global Healing

Founder, Jeff Levin, interviewed in Australia in 2015, not long after the first International Life Alignment Conference, explaining Life Alignment as a system for Global Healing. In this video he chats about: Origins of Life Alignment Asking for permission Vortex...

Restoring the Flow of Life

Jeff Levin talks about restoring the flow of life - about healing the planet by balancing ourselves and our surroundings.

Inspired Wellbeing Magazine Article

An article was recently published by the “Inspired Wellbeing Magazine”, where Jeff explains the principles and processes of Life Alignment and how it helps us to live our True Purpose. It is an absolutely fantastic read!

Body Alignment Technique – Healing from Within

Our body has an innate intelligence that constantly strives towards harmony and wellbeing. When we become ill, it is our body that is shouting for us to take notice and pay attention. It is telling us that all is not well, and changes need to be made. How often do we...

Cellular Memory

Life Alignment is a powerful healing modality that accesses the cellular memory of the body to tap into the body’s own innate intelligence as to where the blockages in the body are and what causes them. The body is made up of cells and all the various cells of the...

Joy to the World or Life’s Joy!

My life has been a journey, one I wish no one else would ever have to go through and yet wouldn’t exchange for the world. I have trekked through some of the most inhospitable recesses of the soul and come out on top. After two decades of Bi-Polar Manic Depression and...

Body Alignment Technique – Healing from Within

It is now generally accepted that the mind can influence the mechanical body functions and the chemical balance, which ensures good health. When the mind is disturbed or conditioned to think in a negative way it can cause an imbalance in the body which we call...

Concious Spaces

We all know it is not easy to run a business. Managers are regularly faced with a high turnover of employees, cash flow problems, and dwindling customers. But what if you could turn your business around and become a prosperous company with a healthy bottom line? An...