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Energy Healing Module 2 – Johannesburg 

– with Nina Frank

Johannesburg Energy Healing Course

“Life Alignment Module 2 is the third course that is studied towards becoming a qualified Life Alignment energy healer.

This is the course in which students learn to engage with deep emotional processes, and how to connect these processes to the energy body.

This is done through a process of complexing with the body points that hold the emotional pattern in the body, and by working with the subtle energy fields that surrounds and penetrates the body.

The chakras express and hold locked in patterns of imbalance and trauma. As these patterns are worked through, released and re-integrated into a new state of balance and harmony, the energy field is transformed. By working with the energy field, the client’s process of self-transformation becomes one of deep healing and spiritual growth.

During the Module 2 course you will learn:

  • Analysis and correction of body systems, organs and energy systems
  • Balancing meridians
  • Working with the 7 major chakras in more detail
  • Balancing and aligning the subtle bodies – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual subtle bodies and how to bring them into alignment (BAT Amp)
  • How to check the effectiveness of supplements on all the subtle bodies
  • Residue balance – vaccines
  • Processing locked emotional patterns – how to guide a client through an emotional healing process, how to work with the questions list, and facilitate the release of locked emotional patterns
  • Retracing to the source of unresolved issues or traumas -iIntroduction of the list of 1845 emotions and 51 fears
  • Conditions: Epstein Barr virus, lack of desire to exercise, multiple personalities, physical abuse, physical obsession, overweight, stress induced symptoms, stripped of possessions
  • Emotions: guilt, Incomplete bonding, self rejection, threatened, victim, owning one’s power, quest for purpose
  • Brain integration
  • Learning modes – visual & auditory
  • Long distance healing
  • Implants and programs
  • Linking emotions to dimensions: karma, beliefs, no perception, secondary gain, misalignment of purpose, conception and miasms
  • Body points: large and small Parasites, ileo caecal valve, valve of houston, constipation, free radicals, particles, viron, PMS, residue from vaccines, hiatal hernia, dysbiosis, stomach lining, emotional respiratory, esophagus, sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system, brain & neurotransmitters”