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Gauteng: Life Alignment Foundation Training

September 28 @ 9:00 am - September 29 @ 5:00 pm SAST

Introduction Life Alignment, Foundation Course Life Alignment, Johannesburg Life Alignment Training
Gauteng: Life Alignment Foundation Training
- with Teacher & Facilitator: Pene Mills

Introduction Life Alignment, Foundation Course Life Alignment, Johannesburg Life Alignment Training
This is the Introduction training of Life Alignment, also known as the Body Spin or Foundation Course.

The Body Spin energy healing course is the entry level course leading into Life Alignment. 
Body Spin works by activating energetic gateways to the body located at the chakras and joints. 

Two Vortex cards (Seed of Life & Resonance) are used in a spiral motion to open a vortex, hence the 
name Body Spin. It is simple to learn and is a rapid and powerful balancing technique that can be 
applied to any issue. 

It can be used as a stand alone system or integrated with other healing systems.

We identify the imbalance, by priority, and invoke a specific pattern of energy through a specific 
vortex center that is integrally related to the imbalance. There is an immediate connection 
between spirit and form, and rapid healing occurs.

Body Spin is a 3 day energy healing course that teaches the basic principles and 
practical procedures used to balance the body. A brief introduction to the subtle energy fields 
and vibrational healing will be studied and experienced.

During the course you will learn:
  • How to muscle test (applied kinesiology)
  • Dowse with a pendulum and use a pie chart
  • How the Body Spin Vortex cards work
  • How to balance the body using the 7 main chakra’s as well as 16 minor chakras
  • How to access & balance the main systems of the Body: Lymphatic, Urinary, Reproductive, Digestive, Autonomic Nervous, Hepatic Biliary, Connective, Detoxification, Cardiovascular, Structural, Skeletal, Muscular, Joint, Immune, Respiratory, Circulatory, Central Nervous, Chakra, Endocrine and Neurological Systems as well as Pancreas, Spleen, Skin, Electro-magnetics and DNA
  • 4 Step Emotional Release Process
  • Detoxifying procedure
  • How and when to use the 5 Energy healing pillules
  • Pain Balance
  • Integration with Heaven and Earth

Where: Johannesburg – Contact Facilitator for more information
RSVP: Teacher & Facilitator: Pene Mills

Contact Number: Pene Mills - +27 83 501 7571




Boskruin, Johannesburg
22 Heritage Rock, 36 Boschkop Avenue, Boskruin
Johannesburg, Gauteng 2154 South Africa
+27 83 501 7571


Pene Mills
+27 83 501 7571