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What is Organisation Alignment or OA?
Organisation Alignment is a powerful methodology for positive change in any business, charity or social enterprise.
This unique and practical system identifies and helps clear the conscious and often unconscious blockages, beliefs and patterns within the business and its employees that prevent them developing more successfully. It also takes into account relationships and challenges with external parties such as clients and suppliers which may be having an influence on the wider success of the business.

How does it work?
Organisation Alignment typically involves a conversation about the issues and challenges that you are facing currently. Behind every challenge, failure or issue there lies a root cause which
Organisation Alignment helps to uncover and resolve.

Blockages may include:

  • That which is out of alignment with personal or organizational objectives
  • Negative conscious and unconscious beliefs
  • Patterns that play out repeatedly
  • Sick building syndrome, the environment or office space
  • Unresolved conflicts with current or past employees, share-holders, clients or founders
  • Misaligned mission statements

During the session the practitioner works to clear the issue and this can create a shift on every level and facilitate lasting change.
A session may look at the whole organisation perhaps starting with the overall vision or mission statement or it can be focused on a specific problem, a particular project or a key relationship with a client or business partner. This is a powerful catalyst for both business and personal change. The results are frequently astounding.

What results can I expect to see?

  • Positive change in yourself and in your organisation
  • Resolution of problems and conflicts
  • To gain a deeper insight into the root causes of issues affecting you and your organisation
  • Notice increased clarity and energy flowing through your business
  • To experience more success

Who needs to be present?
A practitioner typically works one to one, which can produce dramatic effects across the whole business or area we are looking at. Sometimes we work with the whole board or a leadership team to facilitate a deep level of conversation and shared clarity and vision.

Where will we work?
A private space where individuals can talk confidentially and undisturbed. This may be at your offices, off-site and some practitioners also work remotely via skype.

How long is a session?
An average session is 1.5 hours. Depending on the brief the work may take half a day.

How many sessions will I need?
That depends on the desired outcome.