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Just as the body holds memories of all that has happened to us, so our home and workplace absorb and store the energy of past and present occupants and of the local environment – positive or negative. Who hasn’t walked into a room or building and clearly sensed an atmosphere – perhaps warm and welcoming, or stale and cluttered, or cold and uninviting?

Home Alignment is a comprehensive system for clearing and balancing your home, work, school, or plot of land, to harmonise the energy dynamics of the space and improve the health and well-being of its occupants.

It identifies and treats geopathic stress, electromagnetic pollution and negative feng shui, but also does much more than this.

Today, our buildings are permeated by a variety of invisible ‘toxins’ – internal and external pollutants – which negatively impact our human energy field, and affect us psychologically and physically on many levels. Even the placement of your bed over specific earth energy lines can lead to lowered immunity and serious health problems, due to geopathic stress.

Using diagnostic tools of dowsing and muscle testing, Home Alignment identifies the specific energetic aspects that are affecting you and your space. These include:

Environmental: Geopathic stress, underground water, planetary energy grids, burial site.

Technological: Electromagnetic radiation from home wi-fi, telecommunications transmitters, high tension wires, computers, electrical appliances. This electromagnetic pollution is called “electrosmog”

Human: Negative family patterns, thought forms.

Layout: Feng shui, topography, landscape.

Home Alignment examines the relationship of the occupant(s) with their space and identifies which aspects of their lives are affected by the dynamics of the building due to distorted or blocked energy flow. Issues that need clearing and harmonising might include family, relationships, money, career, creativity, self-development, or life purpose.

Working from a simple floor plan, problem areas are identified and cleared using a variety of balancing processes. Vortex Technology plays a key role in transmuting electro-smog and other frequencies that disrupt the human energy field.

It is also particularly effective for transmuting geopathic stress, caused by underground streams and negative earth energies.

Specific balancing techniques restore a positive energy ‘current’ throughout the space, and may indicate the need for altering the layout, using Feng Shui remedies, such as clearing clutter, or introducing a colour to a particular room.

A Home Alignment can take place in your home or workplace, or be conducted remotely. Creating a balanced, peaceful and attractive environment in which to live and work not only has a positive effect on our health and relationships, but it also enhances the ‘value’ of a property when ready to be sold.