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Founder, Jeff Levin, interviewed in Australia in 2015, not long after the first International Life Alignment Conference, explaining Life Alignment as a system for Global Healing.

In this video he chats about:

Origins of Life Alignment
Asking for permission
Vortex cards for environmental healing
How Body Spin arose, and why it is called Body Spin
The importance of the body points and non-attachment (for practitioners)
Global Healing
Distant healing
Life Alignment worldwide
The following is a transcript of his description of how Life Alignment can be used for global as well as individual healing.

When working, receiving, or witnessing a balance it often feels as if themes – archetypal stories, feelings and traumas are being shifted and healed.

This explains for me personally, why I often go home after a workshop  rather ‘blasted’. It’s a specific feeling that I’ve learnt  goes with intense emotional processing, extended meditation, or healing – a bit spacey and tired, yet invigorated and clear at the same time. It’s as if my awareness has stretched way beyond normal and needs to remain open for a while before going back to an everyday state of mind.

Sometimes I think to myself: Why such a strong sensation of expansion? I’ve just been sitting in a group all day eating chocolate biscuits, watching my teacher giving demonstrations.   The following interview explains the reason why:

Here is a transcript of part of the video, from roughly 24 minutes into the talk:

Global healing

“Through the individual, we’re working with countless people around the globe. So we speak of global healing through personal healing. And that’s really what it does. That working through the microcosm, we connect with the macrocosm.

We look at the world, and see the violence and chaos that is there, and we find that the best way to work with that, so we don’t get terribly depressed and overwhelmed, is to identify what’s within us that’s reflected out of the universe, and to heal that.

So Life Alignment really goes to those places within ourselves. It helps to heal those core patterns that we’re connected to. We are not disconnected from what’s happening around the world right now. It’s all the reflection of what’s within ourselves… When I say “our”, not as an individual, but as a collective. And we are interconnected to the collective consciousness. We can’t disconnect from that. As we are to nature, and as we are to the planet.

And so, every time we do a Body Spin, or any balance, we’re actually healing so much more than the individual on the table. And that’s why I still do this technique. As I travel around the world, I work with very large groups, and we see that as we work with one individual on the massage table, we’re working with a hundred or more people in the group and everyone gets it.

It’s always identifying who’s representing an issue for the group, and as you do that, everyone gets healed. The same thing will happen as you work with the client. It will extend to their family, to their friends, to a very broad range.”