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Consciousness and Healing

Life Alignment is a path to transformation of personal and planetary consciousness, and an integrated healing system for individuals, groups and organizations.

As such, it is a leader in the global paradigm shift in which the materialist worldview has yielded to new insights from a range of scientific fields.

From the machine-like world of the past, a new picture shows a holistic, interconnected Universe, where Consciousness is implicitly embedded in both energy and all matter.

We are part of a vast ocean of Consciousness, a universe composed of interpenetrating energy fields encoded with information. From both the ancient spiritual traditions and contemporary research from science, transpersonal psychology, parapsychology, and near-death experiences, it is clear that mind is non-local – it operates beyond the brain, the body, time and space, as evident in distant healing and prayer.

Energy fields

There are many kinds of energy fields. Some can be measured (veritable), including sound, light, magnetism and rays from the electromagnetic spectrum. Others are subtle fields (putative) that cannot be measured, such as the vital life-force, prana, chi, thoughts, emotions which are channeled through the body via meridians, the nadis, and chakras that convert these extremely high frequency vibrations into the lower vibrations of veritable energy fields.

While the existence of energy fields is central to the ancient Eastern medical systems, such as Ayurveda and Acupuncture, in recent years Western technology has developed instruments that reveal energy or auric fields, visible within and around the human body. These include sensitive magnetometers such as the SQUID (Super Quantum superconducting quantum interference device) and Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP). The latter reveals many interesting aspects of human energy fields from the effect of mobile phones on the brain to the beautiful auric colours of a Buddhist lama.

Mind-body medicine

As Consciousness (mind) governs the field [energy] so the field governs form [matter], and thus we can use the power of our mind to change the body:

Neuroscience: brain research shows that by choosing our thoughts and attitudes we can literally rewire the neural pathways (neuroplasticity of the brain) to heal mind and body.

Placebo and nocebo studies: our feelings, beliefs and expectations – positive (placebo) or negative (nocebo) – have a profound effect on our health.

Epigenetics: a branch of neuroscience that shows that our perception of our internal environment (thoughts, feelings and sensations) as well as our outer environment – i.e. what we choose to focus on – can redefine our genetic expression.

Psycho-neuroimmunology: explores how the mind (psyche) affects the body and immune system: Neuroscientist, Candace Pert, discovered a “psychosomatic network” of intercellular communication throughout the whole body: a variety of proteins – ‘peptides’ act as key “information substances” and can affect our mind, our emotions, our immune system, our digestion and other bodily functions.

Tissue Memory (memory stored in the body): organ transplant studies have shown that, in some cases, the recipient has taken on personality characteristics and memories of their donor, thus showing consciousness held in matter.

Principles of Life Alignment and the new healing paradigm

Life Alignment’s holistic principles work in parallel with today’s scientific and medical research. It stands at the forefront of Subtle Energy Medicine: the interconnection of all things: mind, body and spirit; consciousness and matter; our inner and outer environment. For healing to take place all must be addressed as one integrated whole.

Working on all levels of a person, through accessing the deeper consciousness or innate intelligence of the body-mind, enables us to identify the stories we hold in our subconscious library, and release the disturbing elements from our subtle energy fields and cellular memory.

Through changing our beliefs and making new choices, fear, grief and doubt are released, thereby opening the heart to presence, love and trust.