Life Alignment is such a powerful and unique healing methodology that many people who experience it decide to become a practitioner themselves. People study courses in this energy healing technique both for their own development and healing and / or to build a career as a Life Alignment practitioner.

Life Alignment is learned through a series of short courses or modules. Practitioners need to complete a number of case studies and a practical assessment to qualify. Body Spin is the entry point course into all the different systems under Life Alignment. It is the most simple technique to study and can be learned in just three days, while other modules are studied over a series of intensive courses of three to five days each.

To qualify as a professional Life Alignment Practitioner you need to complete the following;

  • study three courses; Foundation Course and modules 1 & 2
  • complete a number of audited case studies for each course
  • partake in supervised practice sessions and finally pass a live assessment of you working with a client

Beyond entry level qualification there are many opportunities for further study and development, including training courses on how to use Life Alignment with businesses, in the home, and to qualify as an Advanced Practitioner.

If you want to study a course in Life Alignment and want to find out more we recommend you have a chat with either your country coordinator or one of the numerous teachers of this system. If you have already had a session with a practitioner, feel free to ask them about their experiences also. If you haven’t had a treatment yet, that would be a great starting point also.