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“One afternoon I was walking into my garden and discovered a little baby dove who has fallen out of the nest onto the pavement. I sat with him for a while and talked to him. I did not want to touch him in the hope the mother would come and feed him, and so he would survive.

So I took the Vortex Wand and held it for some time.
For a while nothing happened and he just kept sitting there motionless.
Gently, I kept moving the Wand over him; when he started to stretch his little wings.

The mother was watching from the roof. I had to leave and when I came home later, he was gone. Next morning he was back and I named him Francesco 🙂
Francesco the little Dove.

He was much more lively than the day before, but it was quite obvious that he could not fly. He was only hopping around and I followed him with the Vortex Wand. This carried on for a few days. Francesco started the habit of sitting on my garden bench all day, even in heavy rain. It started to worry me, and in holding the Wand at him, I “explained” to him that he HAS to start to at least try to fly; otherwise his wings and whole body would weaken. He is not building up strength as quickly, but he just kept sitting there.

The LIFE ALIGNMENT “team” who I have asked for help, “suggested” to put him onto the fear tree.

I followed my intuition and did a LIFE ALIGNMENT Vortex Balance/ Technique… one of The TREE OF LIFE Patterns… “Fear, Phobias”
Using my Life Alignment knowledge and tools, I identified the priority to be worked with, and the Tree of Life Pattern came up as that priority. The Fear, Phobias balance needed to be done for this little Dove. There was an emotional pattern within this little Dove, that needed to be released.

After 2 days on the Tree of Life Balance process, he was hopping around more, but no flying; despite much trying to “convince” him, so I decided to push him, nudge him a bit with the Wand. He did not like it much :-), but nonetheless, he started to use his wings a little bit and flew a meter; but landed soon and came back to sit on the bench – After that I did some more LIFE ALIGNMENT treatments.

A few heavy rainy days came, and Francesco sat on the bench out in the rain.
I thought to myself… if this carried on… with him being so fragile and out in such heavy rain… he maight not “make it”, so I went out and “said to him” …
‘Francesco this is your day, you are strong enough you can fly.’

I nudged him with the Wand, in the direction of the garden; and slowly ran next to him. As I was nudging him, I was hoping he does not land on the lawn, but he carried on and reached the opposite wall; which is about 15 m away. There he rested.
Night came and he seemed to have disappeared. I did not see him at all.

The next day he was back. This time… FLYIING 😁

The Fear, Phobia appeared to be released. The fear was broken.
He still comes to “visit” from time to time. He is still smaller than the other little Doves of his age, but he can fly well.

A little different… but well enough 😁”