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Healing Cape Town, Tableview: Mastermind Heart Centre

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51 Hopley Road, Table View
Cape Town, Western Cape 7441 South Africa

Study Healing Cape Town

Jason and Tanya Harris teach courses in Life Alignment throughout the year. They are based at the Mastermind Heart Centre in Tableview.

They have many years of experience between them, and love  sharing the magic, positivity and inspirational qualities of energy healing with their students and clients.

” Seeing and hearing of student’s success stories is very fulfilling” 

There are many different schools and lineages available to students who choose to study healing in Cape Town. So why choose Life Alignment?

Why Life Alignment?

Life Alignment is a healing technique that helps clients receive deep healing, and get clarity from the perspective of the true self , instead of being caught in survival mode. It releases old stories, patterns and pains so that clients can go forward in life with a new zest. The technique reaches the source of issues using a fusion of multiple complementary therapies. It unveils deep-seated causes which cannot be easily reached by other means.

The procedures and methodology of LA can be weaved into all the other healing methods that you practice, offering a supportive structure to all spiritual and esoteric work. It is easy to learn, yet brings about massive shifts in just one balance.

This is done by working by the priority set by the client’s Higher Self, allowing the client to determine the depth of their shift, and using vortex cards to facilitate energy flow. The healer uses muscle testing to identify strength/weakness, and dowsing with a pendulum to process issues intuitively with sensitively phrased questions, followed by balancing the energy field (chakras, meridians and subtle bodies) using simple techniques that are specific to the client’s needs.

During courses:

  • Students actively practice giving and receiving energy healing.
  • The energy body is explained, felt & detected.
  • Teachers demonstrate & integrate the technique with practical interaction.

Tanya and Jason work and teach from Mastermind Heart Centre in Tableview, Cape Town; a beautiful, creative, colourful centre that offers comfortable spaces to work and rest during a course.

Contact Details:

Address:  51 Hopley Road,  Tableview, Cape Town


Phone:      +27823904865

Facebook: Radiant Living Cape Town

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