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What is Vortex Technology?

Vortex technology plays a central role in every aspect of Life Alignment.

The technology consists of 25 small, individually potentized, magnetic ‘cards’, each with its unique energy frequency and purpose. In both the external planetary environment and our internal human energy field, these powerful cards help to transform trauma and blocked energy and so bring the body and environment into balance.

The cards help to harmonise the energies of buildings, land, our food, water, plants, animals and the air that we breathe, and accelerate and deepen the therapeutic process in all Life Alignment systems, including distant healing.

Why do we need Vortex cards?

We are living in an increasingly toxic world with a variety of environmental stressors and pollutants that are harmful to the human bodymind, such as:

  • Electromagnetic radiation from electrical devices in our homes and workplaces, television sets, computers, broadband internet, and mobile phones.
  • Electromagnetic radiation from external sources such as high tension wires, sub-stations, satellite dishes, and mobile phone towers
  • Pollutants in air, food and water
  • Geopathic stress (natural disturbances in the Earth) from subterranean running water, fault lines, grid lines, underground cavities and certain mineral concentrations
  • Man made disturbances to the earth’s magnetic field caused by mining, excavation for tall buildings, underground transport systems, quarries and public utilities such as sewage, or water mains.

How do the cards work?

From science we know that everything in the universe is composed of (atoms) energy vibrating at different frequencies.

There is a subtle, ‘vital’ energy frequency, or ‘life force’, in all living cells. This universal energy has been harnessed and imprinted into the Vortex cards, and held permanently in place by its weak magnetic plate. (Magnetic storage is also a feature of computer hard disks, credit card strips, videos etc., to hold data, sound and light frequencies).

The energy emitted by the Vortex cards transmutes detrimental energies in our environment to a frequency that resonates with the Earth’s natural frequency of 7.83 Hertz. This frequency corresponds to the mid-Alpha range of human brainwaves when in a meditative state, and helps to balance the human energy field.

This powerful technology provides personal protection both from disturbing energies in people and the array of electronic devices we use in everyday life [Pendant card], and environmental protection through balancing buildings or larger areas of land [Rainbow card].

See the Products page for more information on the individual cards.

What is the evidence that the cards work?

On the body: Tests with dark field microscopy, which show the state of live blood cells under a powerful microscope, demonstrate that when the Pentagon card (which works with the blood, kidneys and lymph) is applied to the body, blood quality improves significantly in a very short period of time. (NB for detoxification, the Pentagon card is to be used in conjunction with nutritional cleansing).

In the environment: Applied kinesiology (muscle-testing) shows that individual muscle groups strengthen and resist force when cards are applied to electronic devices (e.g. cell/mobile phones and computers), or when cards are positioned in buildings affected by electromagnetic fields or geopathic stress. When tested without cards, muscle groups weaken and ‘collapse’. This indicates a disturbance in the human energy field from environmental stressors, which in turn affects cellular functioning.

Please note that using cards for symptoms or conditions requires guidance from a practitioner as to how to use them effectively and safely.