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Energy Medicine is the science of natural healing, a biology of whole systems that operates from the Einsteinium/quantum worldview: ‘all of life is energy.’ This both complements and expands the field of Western medicine, which addresses symptoms primarily at the material level, and treats the physical body with drugs or surgery.

Energy medicine takes a broader view of what it is to be human and the causes of illness. It is based on the understanding that human beings are multi-dimensional energy systems. We have not only a physical body, but also emotional, mental and spiritual ‘subtle’ bodies, which interpenetrate the physical form.

These subtle bodies vibrate at much higher frequencies than the physical body, and are, therefore, invisible. However over the last few decades, science has begun to catch up with what the ancient wisdom and healing traditions have known for millennia: as well as light, electrical and metabolic energy, the body also relies for its sustenance on subtle energy – known in different cultures as chi, prana, mana, holy spirit.

This subtle energy enters the physical body through vortex centres (chakras) and is transported around the body via ultra-fine channels (meridians). The functioning of the subtle energetic system affects not only the physical body, but also our mind and emotions, which are interdependent.

Stressful memories and emotional wounds weaken our energetic system and restrict the flow of life force into the body. Good health is not simply a matter of treating physical symptoms, but taking a holistic approach to healing the whole person, including working with root causes of dis-ease.

As a member of the Energy Medicine ‘family’, Life Alignment is a path for personal change and growth. Each individual’s return to ‘wholeness’ brings healing to our Earthly home, through helping to raise consciousness for a more peaceful world.