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Life Alignment is a cutting-edge system of energy healing and energy medicine which addresses health and wellbeing; psychological growth; spiritual development; home and environment; business and creative endeavours.

Developed from a synthesis of ancient healing wisdom and modern science, and incorporating revolutionary Vortex technology, it takes a holistic, intuitive, and spiritual approach to transformation.

To be truly healthy, we have to take into account all aspects of our internal environment – body, mind, spirit, life’s purpose, creativity – as well as our relationship to the wider external environment.

Thus, Life Alignment offers a comprehensive set of interconnected holistic energy medicine systems:

  • Life Alignment Healing – addresses obstacles to physical and psychological wellbeing, and spiritual growth. Energy healing and emotional processing techniques move us from trauma to self-empowerment, and from illness to vibrant living, through deeper connection to our life purpose. Physical, emotional and spiritual healing are not separated. The person is treated as a whole, and guided through a process of self-healing.
  • Home Alignment – clears and enhances the energy dynamics of our homes, workplaces and land. It addresses geopathic stress, sick building syndrome, environmental toxins, interpersonal relationships and many other issues that are reflected in the spaces in which we live and work, to create uplifting, harmonious environments.
  • Organisational Alignment – focuses on optimising efficiency, productivity and creative flow for enterprises of all kinds, from small sole-trader start-ups to big business, from one-off creative projects to charities and community organisations.
  • Vortex Technology – is a revolutionary vibrational healing system that transmutes geopathic stress and environmental toxins into beneficial frequencies that strengthen the human energy field. It uses potentised magnets to positively energise our buildings, food and water, for personal wellbeing, and for protection from electromagnetic fields created by electronic devices such as cell-phones, wi-fi etc.

Who is Life Alignment for?

The technique works at the root cause level of issues. The root causes lie in the subtle and spiritual levels of consciousness, which are reflected in the energy field. It is for anybody seeking deep healing to unlock their power and potential in all areas of life.

What are the benefits of Life Alignment?

It has many far-reaching benefits (see the individual pages on the different healing systems). Ultimately, it is about the expansion of our consciousness and health in the broadest sense – coming into alignment with who we truly are and how we may best live, and be, in the world.